A Global Dawah Channel

(A Commitment to Promote Peace and Harmony)

ITVusa began its journey with the mission to propagate the inherent love and peace that Islam embodies. We are committed to contribute toward the well being of humanity within our reach so that everyone can realize the benefit of living in a society without prejudice. Our seemingly humble beginning has a very comprehensive and far reaching objective.Through the programming, we aim to cultivate the importance of believing in Almighty Allah and inviting our audience to practice religion through which to achieve salvation both here and hereafter.Why the need to launch another TV station in the midst of thousands of other TV station? ITV is not a traditional television station or platform as we know it. It is a platform with the mission to counter misinformation and misunderstanding against Islam, educate the audience in proper Islamic teachings through our programmings, inculcate religious and ethical values to the next generations.Our aim is to influence individuals and policy makers irrespective of their religious beliefs with proper Islamic teachings based on facts, Quran and Sunnah.

ITV’s programing is running on 26 networks throughout North America and beyond. You can enjoy ITV’s unique programs from anywhere in the world. ITV believes firmly that the well being of humanity will come through faith in Almighty, education and mutual respect.

Global Dawah Television ITVUSA- Call to Peace,Save Humanity . Our primary objective is to propagate Islam and it’s true nature of love and care for the humanity. ITVUSA began it’s journey to be a comprehensive voice of every individual. We are committed to contribute towards the well beings of humanity where everyone can live in a peaceful environment without bias and prejudice based on race, religion and ethnicity. We recognize the challenges ahead of us however, we have the firm faith in Almighty Allah and we persist on. Join with us and help build a peaceful world.